Running Your Way Into Good Shape

Many people hold tight to the false notion that it takes a lot of money to get fit. While fancy machines and expensive gyms are a good thing for those that can afford it, there are other ways to get into tip-top shape. Running is one way to shape up your body without spending a lot of money, but it will only be useful if you do it right.

Never go running without a good quality pair of shoes on. While those old sneakers you have had forever may feel comfortable, they will not give you the support you need while you are running. They may be so worn that your arch will not be supported, and they will not absorb all of the shock from your feet hitting the pavement. You do not have to buy the most expensive pair on the shelf, but you should not buy the cheapest ones either.

Wear clothes that will prevent chafing. You do not want to wear anything that will rub up against you while you are running. Not only will this make you uncomfortable, but it may cause some damage to your skin. Wear something that is loose fitting and made of a soft material. While it should be loose, make sure that it is not baggy enough to get in your way as you run.

Find a running route that is safe. If you are running at night, you should not do it down streets that are not lit very well. Even if you are familiar with a neighborhood, it is not a good idea. Parks are a good place to go as long as there are plenty of people around. If you must jog on the sidewalk, make sure it is on a main street where you can be seen quite easily.

Running Your Way Into Good Shape

Wear a pedometer when you go out running. This is a very handy device because it gives you a good idea of how far you have run. Sometimes people estimate distance wrong, which means they are running a bit less than they think they are. Having an accurate number will help you set better goals for yourself.

Keep track of how far you are running and how long it takes you to do it. This is because you should always try to better yourself. If you ran a mile last week in just under 18 minutes, this week you should try to shave one or two minutes off of that time. Do not try to best yourself by too much since that can put unnecessary strain in the body.

Running is a good way to keep in shape and you do not have to worry about it putting a huge dent in your wallet. It also helps you work on several different muscles groups while clearing your mind. The tips here should help you devise a running plan that will be easy and effective. The only thing left to do now is to get yourself motivated and get out there.

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