Power Tower

The name Power Tower sounds pretty ominous, but these amazing workout machines take the guess work out of getting a total body workout that is convenient and enjoyable. A Power Tower is basically a strength-building machine that combines various different exercises into one compact tower. That means that you can work every muscle of your body without having to walk over to another machine. Power Towers are designed to be used in your home, because they take up very little space. None of these are cheap, but in the long term you’re saving yourself the price of gym membership, and you’re also investing in your health and the strength of your body. When looking for the right Power Tower for your home, ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend, as this will determine which model you end up with. There are some pretty high-end towers that cost a fortune, but really offer more performance and durability; if you have the cash.

Most Popular Power Tower

BangTong & Li

There’s nothing quite like a Power Tower for providing the ultimate total body workout in less time. This tower from BangTong & Li features a fantastic design with four different stations for the ultimate muscle-building experience. You can easily target your biceps and forearms with the finely padded pull-up station, and build your triceps and chest with the dip station. The VKR allows you to isolate your core and significantly shred your abs in no time. The sewn vinyl cushions are comfortable, durable, and made to last. All in all, this tower literally gives you everything you could possibly need to work your entire body in less time. At the gym you have to constantly switch from one machine to the next, but the genius of this Power Tower is that it allows you to stay in one spot. This makes it so much easier to do reps and intervals that work different parts of your body, all in one stationary space.


Best Overall Power Tower


If it weren’t enough to get an amazing total body workout from the Stamina Power Tower, then how about a lifetime in-home warranty? This is one of the best built Power Towers on the market, and it’s also incredibly easy to use. For those who seriously are invested in building their strength and overall health, adding the Power Tower to your home is one significant step to take you there. It’s ergonomically designed to work all the major muscles of your body in one convenient location. There’s no need anymore to walk back and forth through the gym looking for the next machine in your exercise routine. This tower has a Dip Station, Pull Up Bar, Push Up Handles, and features a baked-on scratch resistant powder coat finish that is built to last. The high density cushions make the tower incredibly comfortable to use, as well as the soft rubber grips on every handle. You’re going to find that you commit to your daily workout more than you ever have, because getting a total body workout is finally convenient, comfortable, and fun.


Best Budget Power Tower

Body Champ

Body Champ is pretty notorious for its infomercials and advertisements, but they actually make some amazing fitness equipment that fits comfortably within your home. This BodyTower provides an excellent total body workout with special features like the EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that add more variety to your exercise routine. The commercial-grade steel base keeps the tower stable and secure at all times. There’s also a handy workout placard on the tower that delineated 8 Key Exercises that you can perform during your workout. Add to that the included guide which features 10 more, and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect custom workout for yourself. This is a great Tower for newbies who want to get strong but are a bit intimidated and don’t know how to get started. When you want a convenient home workout station to get you on the path to strength and fitness, then this BodyTower from Body Champ might just be the solution.


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