Athletic Tape

Any athlete will tell you that their “tool kit” is never complete without some athletic tape in it. That’s because the tape is more flexible than a brace, and still offers that extra bit of support for weak joints or injured limbs. There are a number of different tapes out there, and some are more tacky and strong than others. Some popular brands of athletic tape provide vibrant colors that allow you to customize how you wear your tape to celebrate your sports team, country, or a special holiday. Even if you don’t feel like making a statement, you need to have some tape nearby for the unexpected twist of a wrist or ankle. The tape also works well on sprained fingers and other limbs. If you have even a slight injury, it’s bad news to do too much activity on it without having support and protection from further injury. Athletic tape is the answer to keeping yourself safe and comfortable when you’re constantly in motion. Each brand is different, so it may take some experimentation before you find what’s best for you.

Most Popular Athletic Tape


Mueller’s M-Tape is some of the best athletic trainer’s tape on the market, and the bright colors allow you to choose something that fits your style and tastes. It is designed to work well for all sports-related applications. Whether you need to tape ankles, wrists, or sticks, Mueller gives you a way to protect your limbs and express yourself while doing it. The bright colors really are a statement, and help you to stand out in a crowd when working to your athletic potential. You can use the tape to signify your team colors, or the colors of your national flag. This is a favorite for Breast Cancer Awareness walks, when everyone can tape themselves up in Pink! No Fourth of July marathon is complete without red, white, and blue tape. But it’s not just amount making a statement. The tape also is a great way to protect ankles and other joints.

  • Highest ranking colored tape for all sports-related applications
  • Perfect for themed marathons
  • A great statement for sports teams to show their colors
  • High tensile strength and excellent tackiness


Best Overall Athletic Tape


Ace is perhaps the single most trusted name when it comes to bandages and compression garments, and this sports tape lives up to the brand name. The sports tape will never tear skin or leave a sticky reside, and offers firm support and added protection when joints are injured or weak. Whether you’re taping up your ankle, wrist, or fingers, you’re going to find that this tape gets the job done. ACE reigns supreme when it comes to supports, braces, bandages, and cold and hot therapy products, and if you already experience the benefits of these other brand items, then you’re going to see that this tape provides the same trusted and reliable support. If you live a healthy and active lifestyle, then you need to definitely stock up on some of this tape to have in your medicine chest. Even if you’re not injured, using the tape is a preventative measure that keeps those injuries at bay.

  • Prevents sprains and other injuries
  • The firm support and protection are great for injured joints
  • Works for any strenuous activity
  • Ideal for fingers, angkles, and wrists


Best Budget Athletic Tape

Mueller MTape

Mueller provides the most user-friendly athletic tape that you can find. That’s because it rips very easily from the roll, and you don’t get those annoying strings at the end of the line. It’s super clean, easy, and tough. You don’t need to be injured to reap the benefits of this tape. It provides a great preventative for those who have weak joints and want to avoid injury in any athletic or day to day activity. Please note, there are some people who say that this tape smells a little funny, but because it’s so effective and easy to use, you’re not going to mind much. In fact, some athletes begin to enjoy the smell of this tape because it reminds them of a marathon, hiking expedition, or cycling race. The smell begins to be associated with sports! Bring back the stability of your ankle or wrist with this durable tape that you’ll come back to again and again.

  • Durable, multi-purpose sports tape
  • 1.5″ and 15 yards in one roll
  • Offers all the support and protection that you need
  • Incredibly user friendly


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