Back Support Chair

In this modern world people spend a lot of their time in the office working. If you are a professional or maybe even self-employed, chances are that you spend long hours sitting at a desk. The more hours you spend sitting the higher the chance of developing bad posture, back problems and a wide array of issues. To solve this problem having proper back support is very important. A back support is a device added to a regular chair, office or dining, to make chairs ergonomically correct. A back support is attached to an ergonomically incorrect chair by a strap and these back supports will have contours that emulate the correct back posture. This will enhance your posture and give proper support to your back area. The back supports come in various designs, material and density depending on user preference and need.

Most Popular Back Support Chair

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support

This back support is made of memory foam to support the mid spine as well as promote natural posture. The support offers support for the lower lumbar through 3 sections made of memory foam; these facilitate conformity with the lower portion of the back. The support features an attachment system of 3 attachments hence no need for adjustments. The memory foam will respond well to the warmth and weight of your back to offer you custom support. This particular back support is adjustable and is designed to fit most of the office chairs available. This back support is also treated with antimicrobial protection to keep it clean and is quite easy to set up. You just place the support on the chair, position yourself in the correct way and strap the support on.


Best Overall Back Support Chair

ObusForme Burgundy Lowback Backrest Support

The Obus Forme Lowback is one of the only supports that are proven scientifically to reduce up to 35% of the pressure on your back. The support was created to offer comfort while sitting for long periods. The support alleviates back pain through spine realignment and also maintaining a posture which is ideal. The support features a lumbar support that is both adjustable as well as removable, this is important to cater to varied personal and functional needs. The support turns any seat into an ergonomically correct form due to its S-Shape that realigns the spine for the correct posture. The support is made of polyurethane foam that supports the contours of your back in a gentle way and the cover is made of nylon, which is removable and washable.


Best Budget Back Support Chair

Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac

This support comes with a strap, an insert and has a lumbar support that is ideal to help alleviate pain in your lower back. The support is made of foam that is molded and is highly resilient over long-term use. You may use the support for home, office use or even travel. The support also features a cover that you can remove and wash. The support has straps that will help you secure the support to the chair and transform the chair to an ergonomically correct form. The support is orthopedic in design which will help keep your spine properly aligned and help you relieve tension. When shipped the package weighs in at 1.6lbs although the support itself weighs in at just one pound.


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