Massage Stick

If you are a person who loves to work out, or you have busy day-to-day activities, you will find the stress on the body tends to build up over time. This can create all kinds of aches, pains and tense muscles, which can be very uncomfortable. It is important for you to relieve this stress and feel relaxed normally achieved my massaging the problem areas and your muscles. This is where a massage stick comes in. A massage stick is a really handy tool for massaging your own body. It is basically a tool in the shape of a rod which is made of flexible material. You press the stick on the problem area in a rolling pin kind of motion to relieve the muscle and ultimately the tension. A massage stick will help you avoid high costs of professional massages at spas by offering you the same level of service right at home.

Most Popular Massage Stick

Thera Cane

The Thera Cane Massager is referred to as such because it resembles a cane. The cane shape allows for better easing of pain as well as tension and stress. This massager aids the flow of oxygenated blood to affected areas, which in turn relieves tension and soreness. The cane has 2 projections which are placed strategically as well as six treatment balls, and is ideal for use after those long days or even after in various strenuous activities. The cane comes with a warranty covering 2 years and the weight is around 2lbs. The unique design provides an easy to use and effective massaging tool.


Best Overall Massage Stick

The Stick

This stick comes in a variety of different sizes for different needs. The sticks vary in length, as well as stiffness, the flexible models also feel gentler and softer on your skin. The stiffer models are recommended for denser pockets of muscle while the flexible models are recommended for less dense pockets of muscle. For instance, a flexible model is recommended for a runner while a stiffer choice would be recommended for a weight lifter. All the models are free of Phthalate and made with quality construction for extended use.


Best Budget Massage Stick

Product Stop, Inc

This roller stick is referred to as the travel stick and is very effective at relieving tension. The stick comes with a guarantee that covers the lifetime of the product. It is used for the treatment of knots, sports injuries, muscle pain and trigger points. It can also be used for reducing the soreness of muscles, pain and stiffness. The stick has nine therapeutic spindles to facilitate easy addressing of muscles and approved for professional use by chiropractors and physical therapists. The roller stick is quite firm and not as ‘flimsy’ as some other brands. The stick is recommended for use after physical activity, as well as before, which allows for faster muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid levels in muscles while improving strength, endurance and flexibility. When shipped the package weighs 11.02oz but the stick itself weighs just 5oz.



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