Massage Ball

If you are a person that has an active lifestyle and who loves undertaking physical tasks, chances are that you will sometimes experience tension built up in your muscles. If for you love running or have those long days at the office, you may frequently have sore muscles and It is important for you to relieve the tension and stress. One of the most effective ways to relieve tension and aid the healing of sore muscles is by massaging the affected muscles using a massaging ball. A massaging ball is shaped like a normal ball and its size is normally comparable to that of a tennis ball. This allows it to fit firmly in your hand. The massage ball is more firm than a regular tennis ball and that is why it is so effective at reducing muscle tension and helping you relax. A massage ball is a must have for anyone. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to use one and neither do you need professional help to use one. It is quite easy to use; just roll the massage ball on the required area and let the tension and knots roll away.

Most Popular Massage Ball

Trigger Point Performance

The Trigger Point Performance ball is a very effective massage ball. The ball comes from the Trigger Point Performance brand and is a unique design, bound to satisfy professional and regular users alike. It is one of the most versatile and effective tools for massaging and the ball is quite portable, you can easily carry it anywhere. The ball rolls the stress away and is proven effective for relieving tense and sore muscles. You may use this ball over clothes or directly on the skin. You may use it with creams or without. It is good at relieving all kinds of stress from physical, emotional and even mental trauma. Use of the ball is recommended every night before bed so that you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Best Overall Massage Ball

Pro-Tec Athletics

This is a great massage ball from Pro-Tec and is a deep tissue massager. This massage ball enables enhancement of performance, reduction of fatigue in muscles, as well as promotes flexibility.The ball is 5 inches in diameter and allows for massaging in multiple directions. This in turn provides for a massage, which is better focused on targeted areas. Potential areas where you may use this ball is calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and many more. The ball is quite effective because it uses your body weight to create the pressure needed for deep tissue massaging. It works by simply rolling it on the target areas in small circles. The ball weighs 3.2oz and is made of EVA foam.


Best Budget Massage Ball

Roller Ball

This massage ball is one of the most versatile and effective massagers available. It has a design that is unique and that will definitely appeal to both professional and regular users alike. The ball can be used over clothes and is highly portable. You may use the ball with creams as well as oils. The ball weighs around 5.6oz. It is recommended that you use the ball daily, before bed, to help you wake up feeling refreshed. This product is very effective for releasing all types of stress physical, mental as well as emotional. Excellent value and quality design with effective results.


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