Excellent physical condition is hard to achieve and maintain even for the people who workout every day. Weight training is one of the main ways to increase your physical strength while increasing your physical condition. Muscle burns more calories than any other part of the body, so gaining muscle will aid in weight loss and physical fitness. Dumbbells are one of the easiest ways to increase your muscle mass without taking up a lot of space. Dumbbells are great to have around your house because they don’t take up a lot of space and you can do many different exercises with dumbbells. Several types of dumbbells exist with the addition of the modern quick dumbbells that don’t require stacks of weights lying around. One thing is for sure, no matter which style you use, the benefits of using dumbbells to train are tremendous for your body and strength levels. Finding a great set of dumbbells is pretty easy since there aren’t a lot of things to consider when buying them.

Most Popular Dumbbell

Nice C

These Nice C dumbbells are coated with durable neoprene for fantastic grip and stay rust free. This kit includes a rack that holds the dumbbells in place without taking up much space. Included are two 2.2 pound dumbbells to total 22 pounds. This kit is great for jogging or working out with exercise programs where you can work your way up from 2.2 to 11 pounds.

Comfortable grip with the hourglass shape and neoprene coating is easy on the hands. This kit is ideal for older children and adults who want to add a little weight into their workouts. The overall size of this kit is small enough to carry along with you on a trip, and easily fits under you bed or in a corner.

Best Overall Dumbbell


Topeakmart created an entire line of fitness products sold today because of their success and quality of past products. The Topeakmart dumbbell set has a weight range from 5-66 pounds each. The space efficient design uses a locking system and dumbbell housings so you don’t have free weights lying all over the place. At the turn of a dial you can change the weight within seconds to maximize your workout routine.

This dumbbell set is great for anyone with a 5 pound starting point and 2.5 pound increments. Solid steel handle and weights with steel lockers, you won’t have any problems with the reliability of these dumbbells that are warrantied for 2 years by Topeakmart. Comfortable grips are easy on the hands while lifting these dumbbells. The overall size of these dumbbells: 15.75 inches x long 8 inches wide x 9 inches tall.

Best Budget Dumbbell

CAP Barbell

Cap Barbell is one of the leading names when it comes to steel weightlifting plates and bars. They are known for their incredible quality and accuracy around the world. This Cap dumbbell set includes 40 pounds of weight to train with. Included are 2 handles with ergonomic grips for superior grip and comfort. Four 2.5 pound cast iron weights with a black coating and four 5 pound weights with a black coating are included in this set. Four threaded steel collars to secure the weights on the handles conclude the contents of this kit.

With this kit you get the included weights, bars, and collars along with a carrying case to take the kit with you anywhere you go. The small size makes them very portable, measuring in at only 20 inches long x 9 inches wide. When it comes to durability it is hard to get any better than solid pieces of steel and iron.

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