Exercise Ball

If you are an individual who is conscious of his or her fitness then it is important for you to have every tool at your disposal to achieve top form. There are various ways of achieving fitness but the most effective and inexpensive way is by using an exercise ball. An exercise ball is used for various exercises and is normally inflated with air. You may adjust the inflation level of the ball depending on the results that you aim to achieve. The ball has a valve, which inflates or deflates the ball depending on your preference and the requirements of your exercise routine. An exercise ball is effective because it creates a sense of instability during use, which exercises muscle groups in various positions.

Most Popular Exercise Ball


This is another wonderful product from Gaiam. This ball has anti burst protections built into the design and comes accompanied with a pump as well as an instructional DVD. The workout DVD contains videos of legendary fitness expert, Tanja Djelevic. The ball is great for exercising gluts, abs, arms, hips, thighs, arms as well as other muscle groups, which enables you to sculpt and tone different areas of the body. The ball is impact free to guarantee safety of joints and comes in three sizes depending on your preference. People of various skill levels may use this product and it helps improve agility, balance and strength.The ball weighs 3.4lbs when shipped.


Best Overall Exercise Ball

Black Mountain

This is another great product from Black Mountain Products. This anti-burst exercise ball comes with its own pump as well as an instruction manual. Just as the title suggests it has measures against bursting which is good for safety and functionality. The ball meets professional grade specifications but is also a good fit for regular home users. This ball is rated at up to 2000 pounds and comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. This ball comes in 5 different sizes depending on user preference and height. This exercise product is designed to improve your balance, core strength as well as agility. The walls of the body are quite sturdy and dense for maximum durability as well as support; it weighs 3lbs when shipped.


Best Budget Exercise Ball


This is another great fitness product from TKO. It comes with a hand pump as well as an instructional wall chart. This fitness ball is great for fitness training, Pilates as well as Yoga. The ball is actually made of anti-burst material and the anti-burst feature enables the ball to deflate slowly in case it is punctured. The ball is effective in building flexibility as well as strength in the upper and lower body as well as building overall strength. Using the ball makes it is easy to isolate the muscle groups that you are targeting the ball is easy to clean and maintain. The ball is weight tested up to 1000 pounds. The fitness ball is applicable for a wide array of motion exercises. This ball comes in 3 different sizes.


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