The Principles of Pilates

Joseph Pilates said that his exercise form was the theoretical and philosophical for anyone to try.

It is not just a bunch of exercises, but it is a method that was founded and refined during more than eighty years of observation and people using it.

One type of Pilates Principle is that it is similar to yoga.

It is mind over matter and the central focus of Pilates to create a blend of mind and body.

The body will move gracefully and with economy and balance without ever even thinking about it.  The goal is to produce the union of mind and body that is going to be hassle free.

Breathing with the right method is going to be the way that Pilates works.  It is going to circulate all the cells in the body and carry away the waste that is related to fatigue.

You should know that you need to breath fully in and out so that you can enjoy the entire Pilates exercise. Breathing needs to be done with control and concentration so that it is done right.

The energy that you need for Pilates will start from the inside out and take it the entire way down your limbs.

You must concentrate. Pilates is going to be full of intense concentration and focus.  If you are new at this, you need to pay close attention to your body.  You need to build on small and fragile important movements as well as the more controlled breathing technique.

Control is very important.  You must have this for your muscles.  This means that each Pilate’s exercise should be done with the best control that you can use.

You need to avoid any injuries and produce the benefits that you want.

Having Precision is important in each movement that you make. You need to pay attention to detail and focus on the entire purpose of it.  You have to put your entire soul into each exercise that you perform.

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