Smart Fitness Advice For Expectant Women

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit, in fact, experts recommend you continue with a smart workout routine throughout your pregnancy. Being strong and flexible will also help you with an easier delivery and prep you to keep up with the little one later. Keep reading for helpful fitness tips if you are pregnant.

1. Check with your doctor first. Clear all your intentions with your physician both before beginning any program and throughout your pregnancy. Keep him or her well informed about the particular exercises you are doing as well as how often you do them.

2. Be safe about your approach. If you were already working out prior to becoming pregnant, your risk of injury is generally lower than if you weren’t, however; it’s important to know your personal limits and not to push them. Outside of potential injury, the last thing you want now is more aches and pains or anything making you feel (more) uncomfortable.

3. Stick with the same routine. Once you’ve got your body into a groove, stay with that program. Do it at roughly the same time everyday also, to keep energy levels in synch. Although it’s okay to add small, incremental challenges to your routine, you’re better off maintaining your status quo and playing it safe.

Smart Fitness Advice For Expectant Women

4. Use water and walking for the best exercises. Aerobics in water are a fantastic, fun and safe way to get a good workout. The water reduces the strains normally felt in your back and legs, and can be very soothing to both you and the baby. Walking is a low-impact, relaxing way to keep fit while enjoying yourself too.

5. Stay well hydrated and cool. Now more than ever, it’s vital that you intake plenty of water; drink a pint of water prior to working out and around a cup every half hour during the exercises. This is necessary for your baby’s health as well. Drink it all down even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty.

6. Heed your body’s warning signs. No matter how dedicated you are to fitness or how determined you are to stay trim while pregnant, do not ignore signs that you are pushing yourself too hard. If you feel a pull or anything that seems odd in a way that you really can’t describe, stop whatever you’re doing. Call your doctor’s office and tell them what’s going on; they may or may not wish to see you right away, but don’t take any chances.

7. Warm-up, cool-down and rest often. Regular stretches before and after your routine are extremely important to avoiding strain and injury, as is resting whenever you feel a little winded or tired. In fact, warm-up and down routines can even be used as a full workout for you, once the regular routine becomes too much.

Staying fit during pregnancy is a great commitment to keep to yourself for a number of reasons. Always put safety first and make sure you also enjoy yourself during this wonderful time!

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