the top five reasons that make bodybuilders eat eggs to build muscle

Top five reasons that bodybuilders eat eggs to build muscle

What are the top five reasons that make bodybuilders eat eggs to build muscle?

Whole eggs and egg whites have been a primary source of protein for bodybuilders for a very long time
But many people are concerned that consuming eggs will increase your LDL cholesterol levels, which is commonly known as the bad cholesterol

Which can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, but more recent research shows that this may not be the case

And if any of the old-school Rocky movies have you believe in that drinking raw eggs is a good idea

Then you’re gonna want to stick around for the research comparing
the protein absorption rates of raw eggs versus cooked eggs.

Let’s start with the top five reasons that bodybuilders eat eggs to build muscle

Why bodybuilders eat eggs

So the first reason

that bodybuilders consume eggs in order to build muscle is that it is a source of high quality protein

And it has a rich mix of essential amino acids which is important for muscle recovery repair and growth this 2016 paper mentioned that eggs have a protein quality.

That is superior the B steak is similar to dairy

Reason number two

that eggs have the lowest energy to nutrient density ratio of any food Meaning that the amount of nutrients you are getting per calorie is very very high

So along to being a source of high quality protein eggs are also a rich source of several essential nutrients such as vitamin b12 vitamin D Selenium and colon.

Reason number three

Is that eggs are a very affordable source of high quality protein

The average cost of an egg in North America is around 20 cents. So I had six grams of high-quality protein per egg

Someone can eat four eggs and get 24 grams of protein for under $1
This is the lowest cost animal protein source,

Which is typically a more complete protein than plant-based proteins

Reason number four

Is that the egg white can be separated from the egg yolk?

Before we get into why this is beneficial when they clear up some misconceptions
About where the protein in the egg actually is many people believe that the protein is only in the egg white
But this is not correct both the egg white and the egg yolk are highly concentrated in proteins

But there are times when being able to easily separate the two can be very beneficial
this allows a bodybuilder to decide how many whole eggs they want to consume

Which has more fats and higher calories and how many egg whites they want to consume

which is very low calorie and high protein this can be very beneficial for a bodybuilder who was dieting

I need to maintain a low calorie diet
But I still needed to consume protein to build and preserve muscle.

Reason number four

that eggs have healthy fats such as monounsaturated
Fats and polyunsaturated fats which have a wide range of health benefits

bodybuilders eat eggs : in order to maintain healthy testosterone production
Natural lifters should consume at least 20% of their calories from healthy fats

Continuously consuming less fat and this can have a negative effect on your testosterone production.

This will not only affect how much muscle you can gain but can also affect your energy your mood your sex drive and your overall
well-being and that’s one the reasons that make bodybuilders eat eggs and addicted it.

Reason number five

Another Reasons why bodybuilders eat eggs:

is that eggs are very easy and fast to make other animal proteins like chicken breast steak lean ground beef
Turkey salmon can take 30 minutes or more to prepare a simple egg dish can be made in just a couple minutes
With more advanced egg dishes taking anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes max
There were periods of time where a consumption was on a large decline
This was because of previous studies correlating egg consumption with increased levels of cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease

But multiple meta-analysis research reviews and core studies are showing that

the correlation between cholesterol intake from eggs and cardiovascular disease is weak

And other factors such as saturated fat intake and lifestyle choices
deserve more attention

Many of these studies actually found a benefit to egg consumption on things like weight loss and overall health

Because of the high-quality protein healthy fats and high nutrient density

This egg consumption should be a part of a overall healthy diet and an active lifestyle
Rocky who doesn’t want to be like rocky

He punches meat in a meat freezer and has one of the greatest underdog stories in American history

But if you want to increase the digestibility of your egg protein
Then drinking them raw is not a good idea after

Ingestion of 25 grams of raw egg protein only 50% of it was absorbed over
A 24-hour period this is 41% less than a 91 percent absorption rate found when the eggs were cooked
Meaning you will digest more of the egg protein

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