Choosing The Right Fitness Exercises

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Choosing the right fitness exercises should be your own personal decision, and not that of your peers. No one knows their own body and its limitations better than yourself, so be sure to make your exercise program a perfect match to your fitness level.

For persons just starting out with an exercise program, one of the best initial aerobic workouts is a good, brisk walk. In order to make the walk effective to strengthen the heart muscle, it must be a quick pace that will raise the heartbeat for a full 20 minutes. The power walking may be done two or three times a week to get started, and increased as the body adapts to its new lifestyle. However, persons with significant weight to lose may find difficulty when taking on too much of a physical fitness workout, as the feet may become sore with the pounding pressure of the pavement. Start smart and keep yourself to under one mile until you feel ready to increase the activity.

Once you feel comfortable with regular aerobic activity through walking, you may wish to add a dance aerobics class to your routine. This is an excellent program to add balance and agility while burning calories at a high rate of speed. The aerobics class may be controlled with low, medium and high impact workouts, each geared to the strength and flexibility in the feet to support the workout and absorb the impact. Persons with knee or hip joint issues will do best with a low impact program, while advanced students who are physically fit will do well with a high impact class. Aerobics are effective on their own or combined with other physical fitness exercises.

Options for persons with medical issues that cannot sustain a long program or get winded easily, may wish to pursue an aerobic workout in a pool. The water helps to even out your balance and reduces stress on sensitive muscles and joints. Aquatic aerobics are fun and effective for all ages and remain one of the most popular choices for the first time gym user.

The best choice for your overall workout program should be geared for not only your fitness level, but take to heart your interests and enthusiasm. No matter how efficient a gym program may be, it is useless if its a chore to go there and participate with. Instead, choose a program that adds plenty of fun to the mix, whether its joining a gym with your friends, taking a dance class, doing light fitness exercises at home or learning a new field sport. The activity should be a venture that you “get” to do, rather than “have” to do. Exercise is therapeutic and comes naturally when we enjoy what we are doing, and give it all we’ve got.

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